777-378 Mini RC Quadcopter Inverted UAV Aircraft

Unlike other typical drone models, the Inverted Quadcopter Drone lets you capture impressive footage whilst inside and outside. With a compact and portable design, the drone is easy to bring along on adventures.


With a combination of aerodynamic style and durability, the Inverted Quadcopter Drone is the first design of leisure models. The Quadcopter weighs only 500g making it the lightest drone on the market to date. Not only is the Drone lightweight, it is equipped with an extended battery life of up to 25 minutes.


Equipped with a system that will automatically shut down the propellers in an accident to protect itself from any further damage.


With a newly revised neutral camera angle, the Inverted Quadcopter Drone is now able to capture bird eye view footage of the gowned rather than just the sky surrounding it. Capture footage at a 90-degree angle without losing any quality. The Inverted Quadcopter Drone also features a fisheye lens that will provide you with improved quality in low light situations.


The ultra-light and leisure Inverted Quadcopter Drone is truly capable of flying in all types of situations and capture picture perfect footage. Using 7 different sensors at the one time, the Inverted Quadcopter Drone is guaranteed to have impressive stability at high and low altitudes.

The Inverted Quadcopter Drone cutting edge features enable you to capture memories from a whole new perspective.