JJRC H47WH ELFIE Plus 720P WiFi FPV Foldable Selfie Drone

Take control and break all creative barriers to create footage impressive footage with the JJRC H47WH ELFIE Plus 720P WiFi FPV Foldable Selfie Drone. The JJRC Foldable Drone has been designed with state of the art technology.


Drones have fast become the centre of new photography equipment, although most drones tend to be heavy and difficult to transport around. The JJRC Foldable Drone design enables it to be transported around with little difficulty.

With the Face Aware feature built-into the JJRC Foldable Drone, it enables the drone to take off and land on the palm of your hand by recognising the patterns of your face. The upgraded JJRC Foldable Drone enables you to take aerial shots using hand gestures.

The JJRC Foldable Drone can fly to great heights and distances with minimal wind resistance due to its lightweight and aerodynamic design. Enjoy travelling through the air at speeds up to 50kmph with the Sport Mode.

Utilizing the Active Tracking feature, you are able to identify objects of varying sizes and shapes and then track them depending on what they are and the speed they are travelling at. This innovative feature enables you to easily pinpoint and focus your drone on your selected target ad track its movements.

The JJRC Foldable Drone features a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and Ultra Smooth technology that enables the camera to capture footage without the feed being shaky or have the rolling effect.

Enabled with 2 new shooting modes, the JJRC Foldable Drone will capture footage in a Pano effect and Shallow Focus mode. The Pano will capture impressive horizontal and vertical shots and the Shallow Focus effect will provide your footage to have a shallow field depth to it.

The JJRC Foldable Drone innovative features will enable you to capture memories from a whole new perspective.